Table of Contents
1. Installing the Program
2. The Launcher Window
3. The Collect Ratings Window
4. The Review Ratings Window
5. Customizing the Program
6. Troubleshooting

Installing the Program

Standalone Installer

DARMA can be installed as a standalone Windows program by downloading a release (.zip) package from the website. Within this package is the executable (.exe) file Installer_web. Extracting and running this file will initiate a wizard that walks users through the installation steps, including selecting a directory for DARMA’s program files and (if necessary) downloading the appropriate version of the MATLAB Runtime. If a computer uses a proxy server to access the internet, this can be configured under Connection Settings.

The Standalone Installer for DARMA


DARMA was compiled to run on 64-bit Windows computers; it has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. DARMA requires two additional pieces of software to function properly.

First, DARMA requires the free MATLAB Runtime (MCR) to interpret the compiled code. MCR is a stand-alone set of libraries that enables the execution of MATLAB files on computers without MATLAB. In order to enable the full functionality of MATLAB, the download for MCR is large. The version of MCR required corresponds to the version of MATLAB that compiled the source code; this information will always be indicated at the top of the release notes. The appropriate version of MCR is automatically downloaded as part of the DARMA installation or may be installed manually by visiting:

Second, DARMA requires the free, open-source VideoLAN VLC media player to display multimedia files. DARMA will prompt users without VLC installed to visit the download page at: Users must install the 64-bit version of VLC to use in conjunction with DARMA. During the VLC installation, users must also make sure to enable the "ActiveX plugin" as this is how DARMA connects to it.

Diagram.pngThe interaction between user, DARMA, and its dependencies

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