Table of Contents
1. Installing the Program
2. The Launcher Window
3. The Collect Ratings Window
4. The Review Ratings Window
5. Customizing the Program
6. Troubleshooting

The Launcher Window

The Launcher window displays the current version of the software, which can be left-clicked to open the official DARMA website in an internet browser window. It also provides buttons to open the two main DARMA windows. These windows will be explored in detail later, but an overview is as follows:
  • The Collect window allows users to collect ratings of media files and save annotation files
  • The Review window allows users to view, compare, and analyze saved annotation files
The Launcher window will stay open in the background after one of the other windows is opened. This means that users can open multiple windows at once (e.g., one Collect window and one Review window or two Review windows). However, this can cause problems with VLC media player on some computers and is not recommended. For best results, only have the Launcher window and one other window (i.e., Collect or Review) open at any given time.

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