Table of Contents
1. Installing the Program
2. The Launcher Window
3. The Collect Ratings Window
4. The Review Ratings Window
5. Customizing the Program
6. Troubleshooting


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What joysticks can or should we use in conjunction with DARMA?
A. Although many types of joysticks will be correctly detected by Windows and usable in DARMA, including video game (e.g., Xbox 360) controllers with thumb-size joysticks, a full hand-size joystick is recommended. One affordable and comfortable option that several projects have used is the Logitech 3D Extreme Pro joystick.

Q. Can DARMA be configured to rate only segments of a multimedia file?
A. Currently, DARMA requires the entire file to be rated. The ability to select a start and end time may be added in the future, but in the meantime it is relatively simple to trim a larger multimedia file into smaller segments using free software, such as HandBrake.

Q. I am unable to install DARMA using the standalone installer. What gives?
A. Make sure the installation file (.exe) is extracted from the archive file (.zip) before it is run. This file should also be stored on the local machine (i.e., not on a remote server) that has internet access. Of course, users will also need the privileges required to install a program in the first place.

Q. Why do I sometimes get a "timer callback error"?
A. Two steps usually resolve this problem. First, if you are loading large media files from an external device or remote server, copy these media files to the local machine and load them from there instead. Second, update the affected computers' drivers, especially those for the chipset, USB controllers, and graphics card. If these errors persist, contact me using one of the two options below.

Q. Why does the Collect window tell me to install VLC? I have VLC installed!
A. This error means that DARMA cannot connect to your version of VLC. This problem is usually caused by one of three issues: either your computer does not have VLC installed after all, your computer has the 32-bit version of VLC installed, or the ActiveX plugin was not installed along with VLC. All three issues can be resolved by reinstalling the 64-bit version of VLC and making sure that the ActiveX plugin option is enabled (i.e., checked) during installation.

Q. My antivirus software quarantines the DARMA installer. Are you trying to infect me?
A. Many antivirus products adopt a very conservative approach to quarantines: if they don't recognize a product or a developer, they just quarantine it because "better safe than sorry" right? Unfortunately, this practice results in many false positives and the antivirus software packages do a very poor job of communicating their uncertainty to the end user. If you dig into the quarantine report for DARMA, you will notice the following type of justification (taken from Symantec Endpoint Protection 12): "There is not enough information about this file to recommend it. This file has been seen by fewer than 5 Symantec users." Notice that it says nothing about the actual detection of anything malicious. I am in the process of getting DARMA "whitelisted" with Symantec, but the process is very slow. In the meantime, you can temporarily disable your antivirus software to install DARMA. 100% of the source code for DARMA is available to view on this website; I stake my professional reputation on the promise that I have not added anything malicious to it and never will.

Getting Additional Help

Questions and comments not covered in this manual should be posted to the project’s discussions page, which can be found here: The discussions page is preferable to email so that other users can learn from each question. However, users are encouraged to email DARMA’s creator at the following email address:

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